Raw Material

Coarse & fine aggregates are tested in accordance with ASTM standards before use. Cement from Lucky cement ltd is used Its OPC & SRC complies with Pakistan Standards (PSS 232-1983 & PSS 612-1989) but both cements also surpasses British Standard (BS 12:1978 & BS 4027-1980 respectively). A full range of Admixtures are used that offer maximum flexibility in mix specifications which will be easy to finish and develop the strengths required. Admixtures are from reputed manufacturers like Sika or Fosroc.

Test Performance Facility

The plant facility includes a well equipped in-house laboratory with most modern equipment, capable of conducting all the related tests.

Examples of some test are as follows:

1. Aggregate Soundness & Abrasion
2. Elongation and Flakiness Index
3. Specific Gravity and Absorption
4. Petrography (aggregate)
5. Gradation (aggregate)
6. Chemical/Organic Impurities
7. Fineness Modulus (FM)
8. PH (water)
9. TDS Sulphate and Chloride
10. Organic Impurities (water)
11. Initial & Final Set (admixture)
12. Compressive Strength (admixture)
13. Fineness & Soundness (cement)
14. Initial and Final Set(cement)
15. Alkali Content (cement)
16. Briquette test (cement)
17. Air Content (concrete)
18. Compacting Factor (concrete).

Lucky-Paragon Ready-mix operation is a business venture with the combined resources of two prominent group of Pakistan,

Lucky Cement ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified company and also possesses many other international certifications

Paragon Constructors is the flagship company of Paragon Group of Companies, a business venture that encompasses large resources, professionalism and diversity.

Paragon comprises of highly professional managers, engineers and other field staff related to the civil engineering discipline.