What is Readymix Concrete ?

Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured at a plant according to a set recipe, thereafter delivered to a worksite, using transit mixer. The resultant is a precise mixture, which allows quality concrete to be developed and implemented on construction sites. The first ready-mix factory was built in the 1930s, however it did not seized the market till 1960 and has continued to grow since than. Ready-mix concrete technology is in use all over the world and nearly 95% concrete is done ready-mixed & delivered to order in USA, Europe & Middle East. Pakistan is also entering the phase of large development in the construction sector & need for ready-mix concrete is growing on a day-by-day basis. The presently booming construction industry, with several mega projects being launched throughout the country, requires a reliable and continuous supply of quality concrete. Lucky-Paragon Ready-mix is the first, professionally managed business in Pakistan that has been formed to cater the needs of the industry.

Benefits of Readymix.

Ready-mix concrete has several advantages over traditional concrete production method, as follows

  1. Cleaner cities & streets because of reduced debris & left-overs on streets.
  2. Environmental friendly, no dust/fumes problem and therefore, pollution-free.
  3. Reduced traffic movement of dumpers & trucks causes less traffic congestion.
  4. Labour and site supervising cost is minimum.
  5. Labour associated with concrete production is eliminated.
  6. The procurement cost and wastage of basic materials is avoided.
  7. Project completion time reduced, resulting in savings.
  8. Use of RMC eliminates need for storage space for basic materials at site.
  9. Control on quarries & raw material.
  10. Concrete prepared without the intervention of site labour who may manipulate concrete mixes and water cement ratio.
  11. Consistent quality through accurate computerized mixing of ingredients by weight.
  12. Computer controlled homogenizing of ingredients.
  13. Mechanized operation with consequent economy.
  14. Safe delivery without strength loss.
  15. Catering large volumes of concrete.
  16. Speedy construction through scheduled delivery at site, reducing time of concrete operations by 50%.
  17. Concrete placing facilities using concrete pumps.
  18. Minimization of cement wastage due to bulk handling.

Expertise / Technical Soundness


Lucky-Paragon Ready-mix operation is a business venture with the combined resources of two prominent companies of Pakistan, i.e, Lucky Cement & Paragon Constructors, which is led by highly professional team of civil engineers.


Lucky Cement Limited is part of Yunus Brothers Group, one of the largest business groups of Pakistan. This group has grown up remarkably over the last 50 years. Lucky Cement ltd produces OP and SR cement and its two plants situated in NWFP & Karachi are among the largest in Pakistan with 21,000 ton/day capacity. Exporting more than 218,000 tons of cement between July 2005 & February Lucky Cement ltd has become the highest volume exporter among all the manufacturing units in Pakistan. Lucky cement ltd not only complies with �Pakistan Standards� but also surpasses the requirements of related British Standards.


Paragon pvt ltd Constructors, a leading construction company, encompasses expertise, professionalism and diversity. Paragon pvt ltd functions with combination of dedicated team & large resources, to attain speed and quality, for full satisfaction of its clients. Founded in 1991, Paragon pvt ltd Constructors comprises of highly professional engineers, managers and other field staff related with civil engineering. Over the years, Paragon pvt ltd has earned respect & gained confidence from its clientage, thereby creating a position of high esteem in the market by completing landmark projects in Pakistan. Some of the projects are as follows


�        Lucky Cement ltd Plant � Nooriabad
�        Siemens New Head Office Building � Karachi
�        Arabian Sea Country Club � Karachi
�        AKU Hospital Expansion Projects � Karachi
�        Lever Brothers� Walls Ice Cream Plant – Lahore
�        Allied Bank Central Office Building � Karachi
�        Bagh-e-Quaid-E-Azam � Karachi
�        Lucky Textile Mills � 4, Karachi
�        Master Motors Corporation � Bin Qasim
�        Soorti Denim Mills – Karachi
�        Naveena Denim Mills – Karachi
�        Japan Power Generation Plant, Lahore
�        The Southend Club � DHA, Karachi